Having the engine bay cleaned can make identifying any engine problems easier and faster. Mechanics love working in a clean engine bay, and if the car owner is having the car detailed before selling, a clean engine bay can make a big impression on how well maintained a car is. Anyone that purchases a used vehicle will likely glance under the hood, and a clean engine bay can only raise the value

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This innovative product will leave a protective high This innovative product will leave a protective high gloss finish. It leaves your boat with a long-lasting coating that retards UV damage. It contains the unique 3M polymer technology which provides the durability of an acrylic with the soil release and water beading properties of fluoropolymer and silicone. Use on ...  More + Product Details Close
In a way, we all live in our car. While we try our hardest to keep our car interior clean, dirt always finds a way to get into our vehicle. This is especially true if you own a truck. Rather than spending an entire day cleaning your car or truck, you can drop it off at Gandrud and leave it to our professionals to get your interior clean and just like new. If you have your interior cleaned on a regular basis it can lengthen the life span on your interior upholstery and carpets. First, we use compressed air to clean all the dirt out of the cracks and crevasses. Next, we use a high power vacuum to clean the interior and trunk. Then we steam clean the carpets and upholstery with our high powered extractor. The final step is dressing the vinyl or leather to restore a nice clean shine.

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You can buy the film online and install it yourself in a few hours for about $120 (or less, depending on the size of the vehicle). It’s not complicated, but it does take practice. So purchase an extra set of film for your mirrors and try it with them first. Once you get the hang of wetting, stretching and squeegeeing the film around your mirror, you’ll find the hood much easier. Professional Gazebo for Mobile Detailing & Valeting